Our History and Philosophy

All private equity firms are not created equal. The character of each team member, their experience, thinking, and tools they utilize differentiates one firm from the next. How these factors coalesce in a disciplined, cohesive strategy is what separates those that exceed and deliver exceptional returns from others.

Operating in the lower-end of the middle market*, Gryphon’s objective is to deliver measurable bottom line value to our companies and superior returns to our investors. We achieve these objectives via an industry focused strategy and high-energy team that bring tremendous industry insights and operational expertise to every transaction. Since Gryphon’s founding in 1995, this tight integration of investment and operational professionals is rare in middle market investing. For Gryphon, it provides a key point of differentiation; for our stakeholders, it drives exceptional returns.

Gryphon’s strategy is time tested and proven. We aggressively seek out and diligently analyze opportunities, focusing on select industry segments where we have developed domain expertise and relevant networks. We understand that, in many cases, our investment and involvement is the first time the management team has considered selling their business or seeking outside capital. That’s why we focus on working together to optimize operations, achieve improved overall performance and gain market dominance. As appropriate, we utilize our networks to augment the team to add depth and needed strength.

To date, our strategy has yielded a disproportionate share of proprietary opportunities, a more productive use of time, and exceptional results for all stakeholders.

In every thing we do—from deal sourcing and due diligence to our interchange with our portfolio company teams—we are committed to the highest standard of excellence. This drive is infused in our culture and will remain a cornerstone of our success.

* Companies with $25 to $250 million in annual revenues