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JENSEN HUGHES Acquires Cygna Energy Services

Baltimore, MD -

Combines leading players in nuclear and utility software solutions

JENSEN HUGHES, a global leader in risk analysis and risk-informed solutions for the nuclear energy industry, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Cygna Energy Services, Inc. (“Cygna”). Cygna, co-founded by Glenn Smith and Tim Fay, and headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, is a leader in providing software solutions for the energy industry, including a powerful configuration management tool and data analysis program called Plant Data Management System (PDMS).

The personnel of Cygna Energy Services, Inc. are now part of the JENSEN HUGHES team. PDMS will continue to operate and function as a standalone application and all software updates, technical support, and quality assurance will be the same as before the acquisition. Liz Kleinsorg, Senior Vice President of JENSEN HUGHES Power Services Group, stated, “With access to a bench strength of over 1,200 engineers and consultants, our team will be able to provide increased site support and have the capacity to rapidly advance the development of new application capabilities as requested by our clients.”

“Over the past several years we have evaluated several potential buyers for Cygna and PDMS, and we are very pleased to have come to an agreement with JENSEN HUGHES. Their commitment to technology, quality, and the integration of PDMS into the JENSEN HUGHES suite of software will benefit PDMS and ARCPlus clients in the near- and long-term.” said Glenn Smith, President and CEO of Cygna.

JENSEN HUGHES’ fire data management software application, ARCPlus, will also continue to operate and function as a standalone application with the existing ability to access all cable and raceway management database programs, including PDMS.

PDMS and ARCPlus offer industry leading fire protection, safe shutdown, probabilistic risk assessment (PRA), penetration seal management, risk insights, operational insights, cable tray analysis, cable ampacity analysis, cable routing, cable aging, and configuration management.

If a client is licensed to use both PDMS and ARCPlus, software updates and data exchanges will be first in class for technical accuracy and economic efficiency. Both PDMS and ARCPlus are “Appendix B” software products that are regularly audited by NUPIC.

Brandon Jamar, Manager of Engineering Solutions, stated, “We are excited to welcome all PDMS users into the JENSEN HUGHES family. In bringing the PDMS application and talent into our company, JENSEN HUGHES continues to provide high value and enhanced solutions to our clients.”


JENSEN HUGHES is a leading provider of specialty engineering services and is a global market leader in risk-informed analysis, fire protection engineering, and life safety code consulting services. Our engineers, consultants and scientists develop and deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to a global client base involving fire protection systems design and analysis, code consulting, probabilistic risk assessments, forensic engineering, fire research, risk-informed applications and development and testing, commissioning and security services. Operating from offices throughout North America, Asia and the Middle East, JENSEN HUGHES consulting teams participate on projects around the globe. For more information call +1 410.737.8677 or visit

About CYGNA Energy Services, Inc.

Cygna Energy Services, Inc. (Cygna) is an application development, data integration, systems integration, consulting, web services, and database administration company located in Walnut Creek, California. Cygna’s Plant Data Management System (PDMS) application is currently in use at several operating nuclear plants, several fossil plants, and at several Department of Energy facilities. The PDMS application is flexible enough to meet the business requirement of several very different clients covering approximately 60 different plants and facilities. Cygna currently has service and licensing contracts with several major utilities and the United States Department of Energy. The primary nature of these contracts is for Cygna to provide PDMS and to integrate PDMS with other client applications. For more information call +1 925.930.8377 or visit

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