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Potter Announces Acquisition of TowerIQ

St. Louis, MO -

Potter Acquires TowerIQ, An Emergency Communications Company

Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, announced today the acquisition of TowerIQ, a designer and manufacturer of emergency communication systems with offices in New York, Florida and Kiev. By supporting the technology offered by TowerIQ, Potter expands its capabilities in life safety and emergency communication systems thus providing partners and end users with state-of-the-art wireless communications technology.

Gerry Connolly, CEO of Potter said, “The technology offered by TowerIQ is in the evolving and fast-growing field of Public Safety Two-way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (RCES), which includes Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) and related monitoring equipment.  Since their founding, TowerIQ has been a leader in creating advanced technology that gives first responders the ability to communicate effectively and uninterrupted during an emergency. We are excited to invest in TowerIQ’s technological development and support the management team’s growth strategy.”

Connor Crowley, CEO of TowerIQ said, “We’re excited to become a part of the Potter family and know that with the infrastructure Potter has in place, TowerIQ will continue to grow. Potter has over 120 years of experience as a leader in the Fire Protection industry and we are thrilled to become a part of that history. Our goal at TowerIQ is to ensure first responders can safely communicate during an emergency. Our wireless communications technology will remain on the forefront of the industry. Combined with Potter’s experience as a leading manufacturer in the Fire Protection industry, TowerIQ will have the tools to reach new heights and better serve our customers.”

About Potter

Potter has been a major supplier of key fire and security products since 1898, when Charles E. Potter developed some of the industry’s first electronically coded signals for monitoring both burglar and fire alarm systems and their transmission to central monitoring stations. Since then, Potter’s reputation for quality and service has been the catalyst towards its focus for the design, development, and manufacture of the highest quality and most reliable life safety products available today. Potter, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a world-renowned leader in various life safety industries.

About TowerIQ

TowerIQ, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of wireless life-safety systems and smart building technologies. Their intelligent devices are engineered to be reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-install while meeting all life-safety wireless requirements. Using simple solutions to complex problems, TowerIQ provides “Signal Where It Matters”.


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