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Security Sales & Integration Highlights Potter Electric’s Control Panels and Fire Alarm Management Software

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Here’s How Manufacturers Are Stepping Up Their Fire Alarm, CO2 Wares

Fire safety expert Shane Clary shares what fire and life-safety products from Honeywell, Potter Electric and more caught his eye at ISC West.

While principally a security trade show and conference, the annual ISC West event, held in April in Las Vegas, still offers its share of fire alarm products and services for attending dealers to see.

Each year the show gets larger, and presents more opportunities to discover new products throughout the Sands Expo exhibit floor. With my Fitbit keeping track, I logged over 15 miles walking during the two days that I was traversing up and down the corridors and manufacturer booths.

Note that this column is not intended to be an endorsement of any of the products that I saw, and obviously is not inclusive of all of the excellent products that were being displayed in Las Vegas.

Some new technologies were being shown as well as a number of new control units for the detection and reporting of fire at a protected premises, so here’s a brief sampling of some new wares.

Honeywell, Potter Electric Highlight Controls

Honeywell was showing the new FireLite control units. The ES-50X replaces the 5024, while the ES-200X replaces the 9200. These controls offer greater flexibility over the former units and do present several new built in features, such as support for their wireless products and offsite transmission means.

These controls also support a new combination smoke/CO detector, the SD255CO. In addition, the current SD355 addressable smoke detector is being replaced with the SD365 addressable detector.

Honeywell representatives said this detector has been designed to be more immune to the generation of unwanted alarms.

Potter Electric was also introducing several new control units, including the AFC-50, AFC-100 and AFC-1000 addressable panels and the PFC-4064 conventional control, which can be expanded up to 192 Class B circuits.

The AFC-1000 is the largest addressable point control that can be obtained through standard distribution, according to the company.

Potter also showcased its fire alarm management software, which can link up to 255 of the company’s control units. This allows for an owner of a large facility or a service provider to manage a large amount of controls or locations from a single centralized spot.

The connection can be through LAN, WAN or the Internet. Each control that is on the network can be queried as to its current condition. Resetting of a system would still need to be performed at the protected premises in accordance with NFPA 72.


Shane Clary

Security Sales & Integration